Thursday, September 29, 2011

yet another bottomless pit

what it is: chocolate monk
where i found it: see below

In the early 2000s, when I was a much more active and on-the-scene dude, I ended up organizing a few auxiliary shows around the first No Fun Fests. Through this I got connected with Dylan Nyoukis and his cronies from the UK and they passed me a number of releases on the incredible Chocolate Monk label. In those days they a hundred or so releases out, by now that must have doubled. Mostly these are noisy, but really-great-noisy, affairs. One example is the admirably physical live act Sixteen Bitch Pile Up, which is exactly that: sixteen women piled on top of each other in a writhing heap, each howling into a microphone for about twenty minutes.

Not long ago I found out that an overwhelmingly large chunk of this stuff is available for free here. Check it out for yourself. I won't provide any more information, because the kid in this video has a much better review style than I could ever hope to cultivate: