Friday, September 30, 2011

mr. becos’ fall 2011 mixtape

what it is: mr. becos’ fall 2011 mixtape
where i found it: all over the place

When was the last time someone made you a mix tape? Sure, we now have Pandora and internet radio and youtube and a bunch of other bullshit, but I miss mix tapes. I’m sure no one will record this onto an actual cassette and drive around listening to it, but I encourage you to anyway.



Demian – Windy City
Some good basic rock. Like a scummy version of Sugarloaf vs. the Allman Brothers. One of the many things I've stumbled across on the mighty Cosmic Hearse.

Black Sabbath – Symptom of the Universe
Though it makes me think of Beavis and Butthead, the opening riff cannot be denied. And the second half is like being sucked up into a vacuum cleaner along with an acoustic guitar.

Michael Chapman – Stranger in the Room
Very good picking. And what a band. And the lady squealing at the end catches me by surprise every time.

Vic Chesnutt – Chain
RIP to this guy. Does the pianist know he’s playing Duke Ellington’s African Flower?

Roy Harper – McGoohan’s Blues
Long winded, but poetic and great, like any angry/bitter folk should be.

Clara Rockmore – Tchaikovsky’s Valse Sentimentale
If you can overlook this as a gimmick (in that it’s played on a theramin) it’s a beautiful rendition of this piece. You may or may not want this visual in your head while listening:

Peste Noire – Rance Black Metal de France
OK. This starts out sounding like an ogre singing along to a national anthem and soon there’s heaviness and slide guitar, then harmonica, then bird sounds. What in the world is this? Very great. The last note may be my favorite part.

Woody Guthrie – Buffalo Skinners
Guthrie sings hauntingly about needing a job, chasing buffalo for money and things turning ugly and brutal.

Pest – Descending
Two pests on this mixtape (see above). This one is from Norway. Good meat and potatoes black metal shuffle. These guys do a lot with the essentials.

Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb
You've heard it a million times, but the choice of the marimba is surprisingly great and the way Bill Wyman’s bass switches in and out of fuzz gets me every time. Keith Richards has some sharp guitar stabs in here too.

Blanketship – Smilin Faces
The old material that this song fools around with always struck me as disturbing and bitter and I feel like this treatment does a good job of further unleashing its inner darkness. This came through the WFMU archives.

Immortal – Blashyrkh
Back to Norway. Immortal is the best. Singing about frozen imaginary kingdoms with such conviction. If you have not seen their head scratching videos please watch (jumping out from behind rocks, wearing witch hats, running along the edges of sheer cliffs, being grim and frostbitten on a mountaintop, etc). 

Jimmy Reed – Big Boss Man
Classic material always worth hearing again. Reading Keith Richard’s Life book recently got me back onto this and a few other things (see Under My Thumb above). Hearing this again is even better than reading about the “cocaine shacks” that Keith and Ron Wood had built behind their stage amps or when Richards tried to kill a guy with a sword at his daughter’s wedding because the guy helped himself to some spring onions without permission.

The Cash/Dylan sessions – Careless Love
Hear Johnny and Bob, two national heroes, improvise some firearm humor.