Friday, September 16, 2011

old news about scorpions

what it is: scorpions 70's output
where i found it: a german truck stop

While on tour with my band last year we stopped at a truck stop in Germany . They had racks and racks of 2x CD packages, one of which was a Scorpions collection which pictured a woman about to have intercourse with a guitar whammy bar. My bandmate pointed to it, identifying it as "a great album". I thought to myself "The Scorpions: Winds of Change and Rock You Like a Hurricane. Screw that. I'm going to browse the stale Black Forrest ham sandwiches now". What I now know is that the Scorpions are better than sandwiches. Early albums In Trance, Fly to the Rainbow and Lonesome Crow are something to behold (or behear). The latter being like Tony Iommi playing guitar for Amon Duul at a Santeria party with a German guy singing who doesn't know his English too good (but he can blow your mind anyway).

Here's what I'm talking about: