Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i knew it had to exist

what it is: south korean hatred
where i found it: cosmic hearse

The South Koreans have been through a lot: Japanese subjugation, a seemingly permanent American occupation, the psychotic Kim family as a next door neighbors, nuclear rockets pointed at their heads for 60 years, an epidemic of widespread joyful Christianity, etc. Finally someone from the homeland has channeled the power of psychotically permissive black metal to show us what's really under the surface. I'd been searching for this for a long time (my wife is from Seoul and I feel a vicarious grudge at the above frustrations as well as a bewilderment at the seeming lack of SK underground culture) and finally found it here. Thanks Cosmic Hearse.

Along the same lines of South Korean breakthrough evil, I might recommend the film I Saw the Devil. Holy crap.

*Special mention goes to the band Apparition and their song title Popularity Fucking Koreanmusic's Gruel.