Sunday, October 9, 2011

darth vader artery collapse

what it is: ha ha ha
where i found it: eighth grade english class

What is this? It's a copy of the Prince and the Pauper that  a friend and I passed back and forth in 8th grade English class, writing little phrases that usually involve a present participle, an element of Star Wars and a ridiculous object. Every page has several of these scrawled in the margins. Here are a few favorites (original spelling intact):

Deodorant crunchin' for Yoda wart icing
Yoda fondlin' for smashed brownie custard saliva segments
Android achin' for fried willow cardboard magic tricks
Mildewin' for Madmartigan manure
Der Kamisarin' for Jedi earwax segments
Hand jivin' for mother shoes
Calculatin' for Boba Fett braided sausage
Taun taunin' for Lando Calrisian cantelopes
Detergent chewin' for Lahula pancake bater
My name is trapeze
Backpackin' for pickled Yoda popsickle cabbage
Proclaimin' for pig eyed Yoda yak sizzled grizzle
Horse slaughterin' for Mitchie's Tavern chicken wings
Backspinnin' for Peter Lemonjellow shards
Skinnin' for Boba Fett omlets
Staplin' for Obi One Kenobi droplets
Large Margin' for picnic basket syrup
Tubescrubbin' for gourmet salsa
Mucus membranin' for field hand eye crust
Slit throatin' for sliced Han Solo packages
Roosterin' for handicapped Yoda popcicles
Romanticizin' for Darth Vader artery collapse
Willie Nelsonin' for moonlight mayonaise
Dirtdancin' for gargoyle grasshoppers
Gobblin' for Louis Gossett Jr. sticks
Delightin' for char broiled Han Solo filling
Masterin' the use of the Jedi force for chewed up light