Thursday, October 20, 2011

d.i.y. intoxicants

what it is: homebrew
where if found it: richmond, va

I first discovered brewing my own beer when I was 18. While there were few stores that would sell me beer without a fake id, there was a home brew supply store nearby that never batted an eye when I purchased equipment or ingredients: I guess there's nothing illegal about selling plastic buckets and bags of grain to a teenager. I've been brewing semi-regularly since then and it's fun, cost effective and relatively safe. Most batches have been delicious and I've only gotten poisoned once and had bottles explode twice.

For some reason supply stores are very few and far between in NY, so I rely on a couple of websites. Austin homebrew is a good little store that I've been to in person and never had any bad luck with when ordering by web. I also like Midwest, which is more extensive.

If you like beer and science projects this might be for you.

raw materials
more boiling

into the bottling bucket from fermenter
end product