Thursday, October 27, 2011

hey, those are my friends!

what it is: internet dunk the clown
where i found it: all over, like a virus!

At several points I have had friends get skewered on the internet. Here are a few examples:

1) My buddies in the band Pigeons took a pretty run of the mill publicity photo. Admittedly they look a little uninterested or hung over. Commentors on this sight seemed to have had a real reaction to their eyeglasses, and somehow this devolves to the point of someone talking about hummus squirting out of my friend's ass. Go figure.

2) My friend Marc Orleans used to play a lot of guitar in the subway. Someone made a short documentary about him, posted it on youtube and he got more than 500 of comments within two days totally denigrating him and his existence, such as "you're the worst person ever", "get a job, honky", "weak bitch" and "kill yourself". I'm not saying the movie is great, but man.

3) This crappy supposedly black metal band Liturgy got a little documentary posted about them. They share a label with my friend D Charles Speer. Somehow in the comments Speer's sideburns got noted as being everything that's wrong with music today. I can no longer find that comment, but I do have to admit it's kind of fun to scroll through page after page of Liturgy bashing. But why do my friend's sideburns have to get thrown in with this dude's smiling idiotic philosophy? I bet there's hummus shooting out of his ass as he speaks.