Thursday, October 13, 2011

hill country madness

what it is: crash worship
where i found it: in the texas desert

I was pleasantly and sickeningly surprised when I saw a video post the other day dedicated to Crash Worship on the excellent (((unartig))) sight. Unartig is a guy that goes to a zillion shows a day, usually around NYC, and posts his videos, usually of very high quality. It seems he's been doing this a long time and has a vast archive that you can quickly get sucked into. The commentary is sometimes a little academic, but educational and interesting all the same. And, most importantly, you can find out about some good music to go see.

Anyhow, I somehow ended up at a Crash Worship show in the Texas desert (out near where Willie Nelson lives) in the mid-90s, having no idea what I was getting into. I thought I was going to check out a band or something. What I got was a lightning storm, a ton of naked people (many of which were fucking in the mud), a lot of drugs, a wasted "warlock" kissing my girlfriend and falling asleep in the bed of my truck, people on bad acid screaming at the sky, a lot of fire and smoke and drums, and crazy electronicnoise that turned into a giant blur. The "band" played around 5:30 AM and as soon as the sun came up and I felt semi reality- oriented I got the hell out of there. I also remember that on the highway there was someone else fleeing the scene, alone in his car driving about 75, weaving all over the place while screaming and punching up at the roof of his vehicle.

I saw them again about a year later and the scene was almost the same. This time I could see more and made out some lady bloodletting on a litter, people painted blue, more public fucking and big wooden flaming wire spools being wheeled around.

Since then I occasionally have made an effort to find out what exactly Crash Worship was or what they were about. Their albums suck and there's not much information floating around about them. So I was happy to see this, even if the visuals look kind of like a very poor man's version of the Burning Man Festival.