Monday, October 3, 2011

more from memphis

what it is: more mysterious power
where i found it: memphis, tennessee

Poor Elvis

While we're on the subject of rock stars who didn't age as "well" as Jerry Lee Lewis (see previous post), have you heard this Doors at the Felt Forum thing? Someone recently let me borrow it, 4 or 5 disks of their late live material. I'd written them off a long time ago as bad poets and teenage fantasy stuff*, but holy crap. I would not buy this collection: that organ player probably has a comfortable enough retirement and it's generally kind redundant. See if you can find a way to borrow or steal it.

Anyhow, The Lizard King is in rare, embarrassing form throughout: scat singing, screaming, acting like a white blues man, etc. There's one performance during which he is so wasted/slurring that the awkwardness is nearly unbearable. Lots of uncomfortable silences. Then he tells a lame vagina joke and bangs on a cowbell for about ten minutes while saying "bring out your dead". And the following performance just rocks you to pieces.

The real meat here, though, is Robbie Krieger. I thought he was just rock's ugliest mediocre guitarist, but he's acutally the second coming of psychedelic Christ. I can't really explain it, because I still love/hate/laugh at this band, but I couldn't stop listening to this for a week straight.


*Footnote: I never did understand why Love didn't make it as big as the Doors. Same label, same producer, same era, much better band. Maybe it had something to do with their incarceration related to robbing local doghnut shops in order to feed their drug habit(s).

Back to Memphis. In the last post I left off with a clip of the Killer in less grizzled times and I think I owe the same to the King: