Saturday, October 1, 2011

slow domination of your life

what it is: consumer slavery
where i found it: trader joe's

I do a lot of grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. It's cheap and there's lots of organic/healthy stuff and delicious pre-prepared things. This morning, though, I started getting the creeps. I woke up with a mild hangover from Trader Joes beer, drank TJ juice then TJ coffee, made pancakes with TJ mix and TJ milk and TJ syrup, washed my hair with TJ shampoo and brushed my teeth with TJ toothpaste. I feel like they're taking over my life in a slow sinister way, reminding me of that Philip Dick book (I think it was UBIK) where the same company makes everything to satisfy every need. Beware.

By the way, there's a good gallery of historical UBIK covers here (bottom half of page).