Sunday, October 23, 2011

sweet, sweet racism

what it is: prussian blue
where i found it: see below

As in yesterday's post, this is something I found on the Weirdest Band in World blog. Here were have two blond adolescent girls singing on their front porch in what looks to be an innocent pseudo-professional video. They cuddle with a cute little baby and giggle in a field while wearing Austrian Sound of Music style dresses. The only catch is that they're singing about white supremacy. Oh. I might not have picked up on it unless I was tipped off.

Apparently they've made a few albums, some of which included a Screwdriver (a sort of notorious skinhead band) cover or two. Nazi chicks sure have gotten a lot cuter since I was coming up.

I have'nt done too much research on this. My guess is that their parents are neo-nazis and have presented an all white world as a wonderfully idyllic place to their young daughters.
I will admit that this got me thinking about the possibility of an all white world. When I envision purely white places the first things that come to mind are: that guy* that kept his own daughter as a chained sex hostage in Austria, Scandinavia having the highest suicide rate in the world and, of course, angry and ridiculous (though often awesome) Norse black metal. I also think of Poland, where (at least in the late 90s) the park benches were full of drunk guys by 8AM and stayed that way all day. I also remembered this great compendium of "stuff white people like" (e.g. picking their own fruit, sea salt, bicycles).
*link to the unbelievably titled Guardian article "Light out. Rape. Light on. Rape. In front of the children. Birth. Death. Rape."