Saturday, October 8, 2011

the voice of the people

what it is: cable access
where i found it: communities across america

One of the best things about television is cable access, where pretty much anyone can have a show about pretty much anything. This results in a lot of weird and boring crap, but there are many excellent examples of things that could never have been produced otherwise. Fortunately, a lot of this is now uploaded to youtube, so you can be privvy to cable access happenings outside of your local area and have instant access to your old favorites without wearing out your antique VHS tapes. Below are a couple of my best cable access friends.

"The Worst Rap Battle Ever" AKA "Iron Mic" I love the hosts as much as the rappers.

"The Great Darryl Nathan". I particularly like the way he moves his head during the instrumental section.

"Siege". The great punk band makes an energetic cable access appearance. As far as I know this is the only live video of this band, who seem to be playing in a high school gym or something. You would never guess from the venue (floursecent lights, American flag in the corner, freshly waxed floor) how influential to the punk, metal and grindcore future these guys could be.

One of the hallmarks of cable access is the endless footage of city council meetings, legislative sessions, etc. Occassionally, within those, you get the highlight of a guy like this voicing his concerns: