Wednesday, November 30, 2011


what it is: dissection's storm of the light's bane LP
where I found it: the anti-cosmos

For a long time I just assumed that Dissection was another Swedish death metal band trying to be like Entombed. I was wrong. I can't decide what I like most about their Storm of the Light's Bane. It could be the shitty/awesome frozen airbrush-style grim reaper on the cover. It could be the skull stamp on the CD that says “anti-cosmic metal of death”. Maybe it's the commonalities with Mayhem such as murder, suicide, Satan and jail time on the band's resume. More likely it is the overwhelmingly intricate and fast harmony guitars that have a symphonic and dissociative effect and sort of make me feel like I'm floating and getting pounded in the soul at the same time. Sort of like Autopsy, it all sounds kind of straight forward and effortless, but when you try to play any of the parts yourself you realize that these guys are virtuosos hidden behind an ogre's exterior. Despite all of the technicality and well charted composition it really keeps a primitive, driving black energy. How do you do that?