Sunday, November 27, 2011

birth vs. death

what it is: autopsy's severed survival lp
where i found it: long long ago

Mister Reifert, head asteam, firmly ensconced in the Phil Collins, Don Henley, Levon Helm, drummer-singer tradition

Today is my birthday, but instead of writing about birth I'm going to write about death. Death metal, that is.

There are ten thousand old school death metal albums that have fallen by the wayside. For me, Severed Survival is not one of them. Autopsy is one of the few bands that I feel really had soul, like they were born with the heavies it in their bones. Even though some of the riffs are technically difficult and Chris Reifert's drumming is plenty hard to do, there is a looseness to it that keeps any calculation in the backseat. I prefer Severed Survival to their usually-more-cited Mental Funeral because the vocals sound more naturally tortured (less "I am scary" Cookie Monster-like) and to their later poopoo and peepee obsessed releases Shitfun and Urine Junkies (even if they were calling themselves Abscess by that point, it's all the same to me).

This, along with the first Obituary record, still does it for me and seems crucial and heartfelt and, God forbid, fun to listen to. I recommend buying it. There's a new addition with lots of extras and I'm sure old death metal labels could use some help keeping their utilities on.

Mister Refiert, railroadin' with Mister Schuldinger in the early days.