Tuesday, November 15, 2011

exactly how much time do you have on your hands?

what it is: time consuming extra curricular activities
where i found it:  i cant remember

Here are two examples of people that spend large amounts of time exploring things of negligible importance. Oh, wait, I'm a guy who writes a blog every day about meaningless bull crap. 

1) First up is this guy who writes extensive and well researched academic commentary about the facts that appear on the blackboards in the the backgrounds of porn set in academic environments. Geography, game theory, the proper way to draw a square root sign: nothing is off limits. Despite being porn-centric, he goes to lengths to make sure it's safe for work. Unlike the guy who critiques gay porn interior decorating, which is not safe for any environment (and who you'll have to find your own link to).

2) Next, and totally differently, we have a guy (or guys) who have recreated the Bible with Legos in an extremely detail oriented way. It's worth spending some time on this sight to see just how extensive it is. Find Jesus here.