Friday, November 4, 2011

korea's image problem iii

what it is: korea's image problem iii
where i found it: here and there

I've already discussed all-but-impossible-to-find Korean black metal in another post, but it's worth mentioning again here as it fits right in with our theme. Just to add something new, here's a song by Phya, supposedly a 14 year old kid from Seoul's one man band. Listen to the whole thing. Don't let the keyboard intro make you flee, by the end it gets pretty powerful. In case you're wondering, the Hangul says Pyha.

Aside from the small circle of Korean Black Metal idiots, there is a vast amount of 60s and 70s psych music that came out of the little Peninsula. Still, this has been difficult to explore. There are some web sights (like this one) with lists of vinyl LPs that you will never find. You can score a little bit on file sharing services, but you have to know what to look for. The only way I've heard this stuff is through my Korean friend who picks up some CDs for me when she has time on trips back home. I can highly recommend San Ul Lim, Little Giant and Kim Jung Mi, but they all have 50 year recording histories and some of their stuff sucks. I made a nice mix of a bunch of this stuff, but I don't seem to be able to find it right now. I promise to post it soon. Maybe even some full album rips.

Look at this sad sack woman. Apparently this record is called Donkey.