Monday, November 14, 2011

motivational speaking

what it is: ric flair's motivational messages
where i found it: childhood in the 1980s

A few years ago I read Ric Flair's autobiography and learned a few things. The first was that in his day wrestlers toured the country in sedans, only got five days off a year and often wrestled 2-3 matches per day. The second thing I learned was that Ric Flair's other favorite sport was throwing people off of bridges. Whenever they'd be on the way to a new town they would cruise the outskirts looking for those bridges that guys fish off of (I know you've seen them in your town). Ric would hop out of the car, flip one of the fishermen off the bridge and they'd speed away to the wrestling match.

As a kid I always thought his league was much better and more mystical than Hulk Hogan's and I got a weird and sort of frightened/sordid feeling from the speeches he'd deliver before his bouts. I had to dig through a lot of crap on you tube to find the most exemplary below examples.  Ric "Space Mountain" Flair.