Monday, December 12, 2011


what it is: beckett meets giant
where i found it: mr. b beatrice of new jersey

This seems like a hoax, but it also seems it could be probable. Apparently, Sameul Beckett used to give Andre the Giant rides to school. It is true that Beckett lived in France and is possible that he liked to vacation in Grenoble, where young Andre lived, but I still find this difficult to believe. Mr. B Beatrice discovered this (one of the 20th centruy's most unlikely and remarkable meetings) in an off handed reference on Andre's Wiki page. No further documentation has been found, making me think it's not a hoax (or else it would be all over the internet).
While Becket is most famous for his plays (Waiting for Godot, etc.) I cannot reccomend his novels highly enough. Very excellent surrealist Irish stuff that gives James Joyce and Flann O'Brien a real run for their money. It takes a minute to get used to his version of reality, but a little patience more than pays off. 

The Giant. All grown up.