Saturday, December 10, 2011

rapist meets racist

what it is: rapist meets racist
where i found it: the morning paper

In the bottom of my bag I came across an old newspaper clipping, which reads:

During a date in Central Park in 2009 with a researcher for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mr. Akassy said he saw two racoons attacking a duck near the water where the couple was picnicking. He said he tried to scare the racoons away with rocks and that when he returned, the woman was mad at him, apparently scared that he had left her alone with a black fisherman nearby.

They argued, Mr. Akassy said, because he felt she was being racist and because she did not seem to care that he went to help the duck. 

The woman, whom Mr. Akassy is charged with stalking and harassing, had testified that Mr. Arkassy made unwated advances and yelled inexplicably at her on multiple occasions.