Monday, January 2, 2012

hag favorites i

what it is: hag favorites i
where i found it: various record bins

I've decided to spend the next few posts discussing some Merle Haggard favorites. Listening to this stuff on youtube seems kind of lame, but it's also most covenient, so I'll provide links here and leave it to readers to hunt down the vinyl if they're so motivated or better yet dig up a cassette and play it in a pickup truck with the windows down.

The first selection is a classic example of the self loathing ballad. We know we're off to a good start when the song begins with Merle intoning "I'm going off of the deep end". It also has some fantastic backgound picking and includes lyrical kickers such as:

You give me no reason for my drinking
But I can't stand myself at times


My weakness is stronger than I am
I've always been the losing kind

You can even hear him chuckling at himself and his own foolishness at occassional points throughout the song. Clearly, his delivery conjures some magic that the written word can't, so here you go:

i can't hold myself in line