Thursday, January 12, 2012


what it is: getting rid of stuff
where i found it: i'm buried in it!

My New Years resolution is to get rid of one thing every day. I could link this to some lofty Buddhist ideal of unattachment or something, but it's more that I just keep freaking out and throwing temper tantrums, feeling like I'm drowning in stuff.
So here is "What I Got Rid of Today - Volume I, What I Got Rid of So Far".

1) A weird zine with a Viking on the front. I got this at one of those handmade Christmas craft fairs they used to have on the Lower East Side.

2) An old dictionary. This was my wife's old dictionary from when she first came to the USA. Now she speaks English good so she doesn't need it anymore.

 3) I complained about this book in another post. Too long. Not enough interesting parts. Won the lame National Book Award. Never going to open it again.

 4) Twilight. I got this for free at a book swap, figuring it might be OK if it's about vampires and werewolves and everyone on the subway seems to be reading it. Then I was on an airplane and the passenger next to me was watching the movie, which I saw without sound. It was nothing but a teenage girl sitting around her house looking concerned, an anemic looking dude also looking concerned and some guy riding a motorcycle shirtless through the woods. Fuck this.

 5) Some old toe molding. This came from the attic of a home my family lives in. I though I would use it to make my house look sharp, but there's about ten rusty nails in every board, making it impossible to deal with. Fuck this, too.