Tuesday, January 17, 2012

quasthoff retires

what it is: quasthoff's retirement
where i found it: the news

I am usually not too big on classical vocals. Sometime in the 90s, though, I heard a performance by a guy named Thomas Quasthoff on the radio that blew me away. He's recorded a wide range of works, but it was Schubert's Winterreise that got me. I found a few of his albums (usually with just a noble looking shoulders-up portrait of him on the cover), listened a lot and then got blown away again when someone told me that the guy had been poised in utero and apparently had no arms and no legs. This was before the internet allowed us to confirm in an instant whether someone in fact has limbs or not and I didn't believe it. A few years later I saw a full body picture. No arms. No legs.
It was announced this week that he's retiring. Go with God Quasthoff.