Friday, February 10, 2012

poor reportage

what it is: poor reportage
where i found it: the new york times

The Times published an obit yesterday of Zalman King, speaking at length about his fame as a Cinemax soft core porn director and his most famous work, 9 and 1/2 Weeks. I was appalled, however, that they didn't even bother to mention his starring role in the film Blue Sunshine, one of the best horror/LSD movies ever made. As far as I'm concerned it's essential viewing, far better than watching Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger court in soft focus. Below is a summary from Wikipedia, which which concisely outlines the preposterous plot.

In the midst of a party a reveler croons to the rest of the room and has his hair suddenly pulled off by a curious friend. The bald crooner then has a psychotic break and starts killing everyone. Jerry Zipkin (Zalman King), is wrongly accused of the murders, and tries to gather evidence to prove his innocence with the help of Alicia Sweeney (Deborah Winters). He discovers that 10 years prior, a group of college kids had taken a new form of LSD called "Blue Sunshine," which causes its users to lose their hair and become homicidal maniacs many years after their trip is over. Zipkin manages to defeat the crazed bodyguard of a local politician, and save the shopping mall discotheque by carefully remembering the advice of the gun shop employee.

Please see this movie.