Friday, February 3, 2012

suicide pact?

what it is: a don cornelius/mike kelley suicide pact?
where i found it: the news

This week has brought news of the alleged suicides of both Mike Kelley and Don Cornelius (the suicide part is new to me since yesterday's Cornelius post). Is there a chance that the two were doing some psychologically entwined dance of death?

If you don't know, Mike Kelley was a co-founder of the weirdo performance art band Destroy All Monsters (get a hold of the Ecstatic Peace box set if you can - good luck), who influenced pretty much every post punk band there ever was, whether they know it or not. You also might know him from his sculptures made of dirty stuffed animals, some of which appeared on the front of Sonic Youth's Dirty LP. I got to see one of his sculpture shows about a year ago in Long Island City, which left me feeling empty inside despite being constructed out of fuzzy and cute creatures. Maybe that was the point.

If you're interested, here's a PBS documentary about some of his art making.