Friday, March 23, 2012

rubber band blender music i

what it is: rubber band blender music i
where i found it: my stereo

As Bruce Springsteen's recent SXSW speech attested ("Will someone please tell me what the hell Nintendo Core is?"), there are more sub sub sub genres of music than anyone can keep track of. I want to add a new one. I've recently noticed that a few of my favorite old black metal records seem to sound like an overwhleming mixture of a blender and someone playing a distorted rubber band. Rubber Band Blender Music. Why do I like this stuff?

First off, we ought to start with Xasthur, the stretchiest of the stretchy. He also gets the award for best album titles: Nocturnal Poisoning, The Funeral of Being, Telepathic with the Deceased, Subliminal Genocide, etc. Despite making a lot of albums that sound the same and pulling some stunts like recording his vocals from the inside of a coffin, his music keeps on keepin' on as disturbed, disorienting, overwhelming and, yes, rubber band/blender like.

Check back tomorrow for rbbm ii.