Tuesday, March 27, 2012

rubber band blender music iii

what it is: rubber band blender music iii
where i found it: my stereo

Today we present a band that may very well be the kings of channeling rubber band guitar sounds and blender-like drums to evil destructive ends: Deathspell Omega. Though they started off in more straight forward black territory with albums called things like Inquisitors of Satan they soon became more interested in chaining Katechons and Paracletuses (whatever that means). The aforementioned Katechon is a 22 minute unrelenting pummel and I have no fucking idea how they write this music or stay at all coordinated while playing it. The being named Paracletus is more epic and sweeping in its scope, but there is no shortage of rubber bands or blenders, which is how it ended up here. 

Some of each:

Chain Yourself a Katechon

Para Yourself a Cletus