Thursday, March 22, 2012

the world's most dangerous group

what it is: present day n.w.a.
where i found it: a cardboard box

I was digging through a box of old cassettes the other day and I came across this preposterously titled post-N.W.A. solo release:

This made me contemplate what's happened with the rest of the "worlds most dangerous group" over the last twenty years. While MC Ren was releasing this,
  • Eazy E was dying of AIDS (I still remember the obituary saying he had "sired" over twenty children, as if he were a horse). 
  • Dr. Dre was designing headphones that cost $250 and sound like total shit.

  • DJ Yella became a pornographer (according to his own account he has made over 150 adult films)
  • Ice Cube got interested in Eames chairs: 

  • Bob Dylan became a fan (that he listens to N.W.A. was the most startling revelation in his autobiography). 
Thinking on this also made me remember that a friend of mine got in a cab recently and an ex-member of the Wu Tang Clan was driving. When outed he replied "gotta pay the bills".