Tuesday, April 17, 2012

dutch madness

what it is: han bennink's 70th b-day
where i found it: back before all this internet was around and euopean free jazz records were like priceless relics from another planet.

Everyone's favorite virtuoso absurdist Dutch drummer is 70 years old. WKCR in New York has been doing a marathon broadcast (as they are prone to do when some jazz guy is dies or is getting old) which you might be able to still catch here. If not, there's plenty to dig up on youtube. I've seen him play drums with his shoe, with his head, with his knee and with trash, all of which I highly recommend. One of my favorite paraphrases is that Bennink hates Canada because they don't have enough trash on the street for him to collect and bring on stage before gigs.

 Here he is playing a drumset made of cheese

Shirtless and starting sideways

Playing with The Ex (Dutch anarchist band) in Ethiopa!

What might not be apparent here is that he is a fucking fantastic straight ahead jazz drummer as well (see Eric Dolphy's Last Date album, for example).

Happy Birthday Han.