Wednesday, April 25, 2012


what is it: various signs i've come across
where i found it: mostly on my commute

I love stupid grafitti. This is a great example. "Soy Sause" carved (twice) with a knife.

Clearly there have been some problems at the local deli. If you can't read it, it gives the address of deli then says "the man that was working called black people monkey and ape and fucking animals because a man open a beer in the store. page 1". Still waiting for page 2.

Difficult assignment

Unfortunately they don't describe the noise and vibrations, which made we want to stick around to have the "experience", but I didn't have time.

Self explanatory

This was from a hike I went on, not my commute, but still a great sign. Thanks to Mr Vanderzwaag of Hartsdale for telling me to keep an eye out for this.

Shitty graffiti that looks remarkably like a logo for some black metal band.