Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the bible of bullshit

what it is: the bible of bullshit
where i found it: 125th street

If you've never been to 125th Street in Harlem I may or may not recommend it depending on your tolerance for chaos and abuse (if you're white). There is an abundance of off the beaten path literature peddled there, lot's of which deals with conspiracy theories, bad shit "the jew" has done, Rasta elitism, racial genocide ("the hellacost"), black Jesus and herbal supplements.

Amongst all this I recently came across this book called the Art of Shen Ku. I couldn't resist the selling points: "simple enough for a child - too complex for a genius" and "governing all conscious progress in any species anyhwhere". It's written by a guy who sort of knows about herbs and cooking and sailing and accupressure and nutrition and vermin control and vaginas and sailors knots. Half the information in the book is dead wrong, but it's really entertaining and has cool illustrations and bad recipes.

I recommend this whole heartedly.