Thursday, May 17, 2012

marriage still being gay

what it is: marriage still being gay
where i found it: mr p murano of red hook

I posted this a few days ago, now, sadly, a dead link:

All the annoying banter about gay marriage is almost worth enduring because now we have THIS to watch over and over again.

I really hope you got to see the above while it still existed. Since it was posted, the internet has been shrill with the startling revelation that this woman was schizophrenic. Anyone who has ever been within a mile of a schizophrenic person would have known this right off the bat. This is what makes schizophrenic people so incredible - their ability to act as antennas and speak for all of the unspeakable layers of mish mash going through all of our minds. Suffering is palpable for their friends and families, but you can't deny that when they're on , they're on. Jane Svoboda's voice deserves to be heard!

I did at least find this find this unpleasant re-post with music underneath and pop up text. Please ignore additions if possible.