Friday, May 18, 2012

my mistake

I just discovered that in one of my old posts about my voiceover lunatic friend the best link of the post wasn't working right. Here's the post again with the fixed link and a special bonus track of the same voicover lunatic delivering his version of something called Cyclone.

what it is: a guy that does voiceovers
where i found it: long ago in atlanta

Mr. Reagan, live from inside an autistic child's snow globe (see below)

Have you ever wondered what the guys who do voice overs are actually like behind the dramatic, deep and soothing tones in which they speak? I have an old friend who is now a voice over artist. Here's a sample of his excellent work.

commercial yapping

When you dig a little deeper, though, the below link is what you find. I like to think every voice over artist has a side project along similar lines. If only we could find them.

live from inside an autistic child's snow globe