Saturday, June 2, 2012

disease to the infidels!

what it is: disease to the infidels!
where i found it: the middle ages

I've been out of health insurance for a little while and an unsettle-ingly Christian relative recently pointed me in the direction of these Jesus centric health co-ops. It provides really affordable health coverage as long as:

1) you pray every night
2) you are not a homosexual
3) you attend "group worship"
4) you pledge not to have sex outside of (heterosexual) wedlock
4) you follow biblical principles regarding drug use (what does that mean?)
5) you have a testimony on record about your personal relationship to J.C.
6) you're not a Jew

The flip side of this is of course that if you fit into any of the forbidden groups that you don't deserve to be part of their club or participate in their health plan (also read: fuck off and die, non-fundamentalist-Christians)
Aside from the fact that as a faith based initiative they aren't required to actually have any financial reserves to pay your bills if you get sick, they can also decide not to pay you for any reason they arbitrarily decide (which is actually not that different than regular health coverage). You also get a free months of coverage for every new member you bring in. Hmm. Ponzi scheme?

I'm not so sure that Jesus would approve of all this.

I guess I'm also curious about what would happen if some people got together, flipped the coin and started a health plan where no Christians were allowed. Anyone in?

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