Friday, June 22, 2012

if you dig japanese noise music . . .

what it is: japanese noise music compilation/family tree
where i found it: the grapevine

Any spelunking I've done into Japanese noise music has usually yielded similar results: Merzbow and early Boredoms = the best; the rest is just too overwhelming to deal with. Fortunately for us lazy people, C Spencer Yeh (the guy who is Burning Star Core) has been nice enough to share an old college project he did, resulting in not only a compilation to be streamed on a relaxing Saturday afternoon, but a hand written family tree. Here's the link. The site on which it is posted, Rhizome, is also worthy of broader exploration.

By the way, someone I know went to the Merzbow show in Brooklyn earlier this week. Supposedly he played ukulele the whole time.