Friday, June 8, 2012

thinking america is cool or something

what it is: thinking america is cool or something
where i found it: korean t shirt manufacturers

One of my favorite things about non-Western countries is the way they butcher American brands. While I saw this to a minor extent when I visited Africa (Abibas sportswear, etc.), they don't have shit on Korea, where American imagery and phrases regularly get put into a blender. While there I badly wanted to buy some garments printed with utter nonsense, but my bag was full.
For years my immigrant wife has been wearing this T Shirt around the house, which I never paid a whole lot of attention to. But then I did.

This is probably the only T-shirt where Florida State and University of Wisconsin share a logo. It also give both schools the magisterial motto "someone is feeling".

Also last year, when my mother in law came to visit, she brought us the below sweatshirt. My best guess is that the flannel land mass is Manhattan, but turned on it's side.

So, why?