Monday, July 16, 2012

comics/the occult

what it is: comics/the occult
where i found it: young adult literature

I've been on a graphic novel kick recently, hitting everything from the Watchmen to Jim Woodring to  Brothers Hernandez to Lynd Ward (1929!), all of which I can recommend. Two series in particular, though, have proved that everything you've ever wanted to know about the occult, Satan and ritual magic can be found in the young adult section of the library. I'm talking about the Sandman and Hellboy. Ever want to know how summon, invoke or trap demons? How about how to trick Lucifer and his top ranking generals ? What about how the Nazis harnessed the powers of hell to aid in their attacks (it's easy)? Just how do you get Hecate to do your bidding once you draw down the moon and meet her at the crossroads? All of this stuff seems quite deeply researched, accurate to the old lore (as far as I know) and available for our teenage youth to enjoy. I guess it's the next step after third-grade-level learning about black magic, Sirius and demon dogs in Harry Potter. Look out.

Oh, and how could I have forgotten Alan Moore's From Hell, which lays bare the secrets of the Freemasons, murder rituals and Jack the Ripper?