Saturday, July 14, 2012

an eyeful

what it is: an eyeful
where i found it: network awesome (dumb name)

Who has time to watch six movies a day? Not me, but I like to browse anyway. Network Awesome is a consistent source of material that's worth watching, even if that means you don't have time to eat or take a bath. Their 7/11 installment is a perfect example. An early 90s Pixies live set reminding us of how intense, angry and inventive "alternative" (which means nothing now) music used to be. An early David Lynch film that makes you feel not quite right, a Richard Pryor Show episode that demonstrates some forthright and fearless race shit that would never fly on today's airwaves (people are too busy fooling themselves that everything has changed), a British TV show that attempts to show that TV shows are toxic. Etcetera. Good luck keeping up.