Wednesday, July 18, 2012

low rent 90s video overload

what it is: low rent early 90s video overload
where i found it: reader jpw 

Submissions from reader JPW are always noteworthy (how else would we have ever known about Rape Fear Masks and Gay Porn Interior Critiques?). I will paste his original explanation of today's entry below, but before we get there I should mention that 1) this is obviously not safe for work 2) this kind of montage never was quite was my aesthetic 3) i don't - and never have - liked white zombie 4) i wonder who could sit through 3 full discs of this shit 4) the "samples" on the site are quite substantial, that's the place to look.. With that I turn it over to JPW:

I enjoyed your last post about the goddam internet channel that has more stuff I want to waste my life watching.  In that same vein there was a wonderful cable access show I always enjoyed watching that really captured the feeling of overload I get when I ponder all of my entertainment choices.

It was called Concrete TV

Luckily it has been saved here on the internet.  Every episode consists of rapid cuts of people dying or being hit by cars interspersed with terrible porn, commercials and kid shows.  No clip runs for more than a second or two and by the time it is over you will feel as if you watched a week of regular 80s or 90s television.