Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the midnight sea is a bed and breakfast

what it is: interpreation of Dio's Holy diver lyrics
where i found it: my first band, "Night Stalker", which covered this song

I was complaining the other day about my inability to pentrate the meaning of Dio's lyrics, particularly for the song Holy Diver (for which Dio made this awesome, blade-centric video). And after 30 years, here's the answer:

This song is about Ozzy. Ozzy is the Holy Diver. The Midnight Sea is a Bed and Breakfast in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Dio feels Ozzy has been too long in Florida, kicking back and not working very hard. He wants Ozzy to "ride the tiger" meaning get back to work. He says of Ozzy: "You can see his stripes but you know he's clean" meaning Ozzy is capitalizing on his reputation for being a party animal, but in truth he is just a boring family man. "Siny diamonds" (wealth) are like the "eyes of a cat" meaning and "something's coming for you" meaning Ozzy's wealth and security are just an illusion, no one is ever really secure. "Race for the morning, you can hide in teh sun til you see the light" another reference to Ozzy in semi-restirement in Florida. Refrain "Between the velvet lies" the lies of the record companies, "there's a truth as hard as steel" means metal will never be fully coopted as a commercial commodity. "The vision never dies, life's a never-ending wheel" means no matter how hard Ozzy tries to be a successful former star, the muse that drove him to be a great rock singer will always be present, and eventually Ozzy will have to return to work. "You're the star of the masquerade, no need to look so afraid" is a freference to all of Ozzy's album covers, where he looks terrified. "Jump on the tiger, you can feel his heart but you know he's mean" means that Ozzy should get back to work, he can fel what he's supposed to be doing, and defying the muse will result in something bad happening. "Some light can never be seen" refers to people holding up Bic lighters at concerts, it is a dumb idea because the band can;t see them, the spot lights are in their eyes.- Briny, Beantown, MA