Friday, August 3, 2012


what it is: cavett
where i found it: the 1970s

I've been watching a lot of Dick Cavett's intelligent, nervous ass recently. You should too. Interviews with all kinds of interesting notables from the 70s, some great performances by Jimi Hendrix, etc. and an open give and take style that doesn't seem to have any televised parallel that I know of these days. Teri Gross from Fresh Air comes close, but that's not televised, is it? His infectious voice has been stuck way back in my head since my dad used to be a regular watcher of the original broadcasts.

Here's a good place to start: Cavett Lennon Ono

Also, to flip it around: here's a semi-jackass interviewing DC where he discusses, among other things, having to interview Lawrence Olivier while under the gun of a paralyzing depression.