Tuesday, August 21, 2012

foot shooting party, etc.

what it is: foot shooting party, etc.
where i found it: baby brother

I've been reading Greg "Baby Brother" Allman's new auto bio, which is generally kind of red-necky, misogynistic and closed mouthed about the actual music (which isn't too hard to dissect in the first place). However it's worth picking up for a few highlights like:

1) "Baby brother" blowing a hole in his foot at a "foot shooting party" to avoid the Army
2) An afternoon of pill fueled sex - surviving a home invasion - more pill fueled sex
3) Taking acid while alone and dog sitting for John Densmore's girlfriend, only to have the dog start giving birth, only for Jim Morrison to suddenly walk in, only for Baby Brother to not be able to shake his hand due to overabundance of "puppy juice".

believe it or not, an actual album cover

Later, Allman teams up with Cher, bragging of the "serious love" they made together, a love which resulted in the above album, Two the Hard Way, which subsuently gave birth to the below Wikipedia entry:

Two the Hard Way is a studio album by American singer-actress Cher and American rock singer Gregg Allman released in November 1977 by Warner Bros. Records. The album, billed to "Allman and Woman", was a critical and commercial failure and has sold less than 550,000 copies worldwide.

The product of the two singers' unlikely and turbulent relationship and marriage, it attempted an even more unlikely musical melding of Allman's Southern rock with Cher's idiosyncratic, personality-driven pop. The uncharacteristically airblown cover notwithstanding, Allman's musical ideas and singing generally took the lead.

The album was not well-received; the 1979 Rolling Stone Record Guide said "It's hard to imagine a more inappropriate combination ... It's the bottom of the barrel after a long fall for Gregg, and more of the same for Cher," and rated the album "Worthless". Two the Hard Way was not a commercial success either; by the time the 1983 edition of the same guide had come out, the album was out of print. The album has never been released on CD or iTunes.