Saturday, August 18, 2012

more absurd than the shovel

what it is: more absurd than a shovel
where i found it: mystery neuser of brooklyn

The only thing more absurd than the guy with the shovel (who I love) is that this appears to be some kind of pre-composed song

Here we have the same blokes, much older and much cleaner, but still yelling into a lap steel. I also enjoy their four part vocal harmony.

I'm also reminded of a FM Einheit/Casper Brotzmann gig I saw down in Texas one time which involved Einheit smashing rocks on sheet metal for all of twenty seconds before an audience member sprayed a fire extinguisher in his face. The rest of the "show" was Einheit standing there, hands by his sides, blinded and screaming until they could wash his eyes out.  Industrial sacrifice.