Wednesday, August 29, 2012

more mystifying "music"

what it is: more mystifying "music"
where i found it: ubu web and elsewhere

Last week I posted about some graphic scores and a collection of fluxus stuff. My kick along these lines continues with a book I scored which collects all the issues of Source Magazine, an unbelievably good publication from the late 70s/early 80s that consists of interviews, graphic scores, crazy conceptual statements and exercises in audacity. Due to it's diversity from page to page it's hard to sum up, but you can expect things like complex and impossible exercises designed by a young Pauline Oliveros and Nam June Paik asking performers to systematically stick their penises through a screen.

UBU web has been nice enough to collect some of the related musics here, but I would say that the process of a lot of these pieces is often more compelling than the product. They also go as far as to call this "the greatest publication ever on avant garde music". Unfortunately the book doesn't include the 10" LPs originally enclosed in the issues or the scores that were enclosed in mylar and fur. Well, you can't have everything.