Tuesday, September 11, 2012


what it is: anarchitecture
where i found it: an old magazine

I ain't no art historian, so probably everyone knows about Gordon Matta-Clark except me. I'm going to tell you about him anyway. I was digging through an old pile of magazines yesterday and found an article about this guy who was into things such as cooking his art (e.g exploring the effects of Polaroids in a frying pan) and something he called Anarchitecture, where he recruited guerrilla construction workers in the 1970s to illegally cut the fronts off of buildings, rip houses in half, carve big square shapes in the side of abandoned structures in the Bronx and poke giant holes in piers on the Hudson River. He also made films (which I haven't gotten to yet) and opened a restaurant that was some kind of conceptual art piece that you could eat in. Unfortunately most of the information I can find about him online in couched in stupid art speak, so good luck with that. Here are some good related photos anyway.