Friday, September 28, 2012

a.p. and crew

what it is: a.p. and crew
where i found it: old virginny

First of all, if you don’t know the Carter Family here are a few clips. And shame on you.

SINGLE GIRL (this one really cooks)

I’ve been reading Will you Forget Me When I’m Gone, an excellent book on these folks without a dull page yet. Here are a few highlights:

A.P., the patriarch, is struck by lightning while in the womb, giving him a lifelong restlessness that extending to his onstage presence, often wandering around or “staring out the window” when he should have been singing. He also spent years wandering Appalachia on foot selling fruit trees with a fiddle in a flour sack, playing with the locals, sometimes selling them a tree in the process.

Mother Maybelle (my hero) creating her own guitar style out of nowhere, “the carter scratch”. Wildwood Flower, above, gives you an up close view of this as well as her deadly serious affect. Said her daughter, "momma didn't believe in busting up (smiling or laughing) on stage".

With their first royalty check the family bought a Chevy Sedan, the back seat of which A.P. often used to move around hogs.

Most of all I’m happy to hear about Doctor Brinkley, who hired the Carters to play on his mega mega mega watt radio station XERA (which you could hear from Mexico to Canada), which he opened just across the Mexican border partly out of spite towards the government after they revoked his medical license for drilling holes in impotent men’s testicles and replacing them with goat nuts.

What else is there to say?