Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cecil taylor in the hands of a war criminal?

what it is: cecil taylor in the hands of a war criminal?
where i found it: facebook, the news

Marc Edwards (current drummer for off-the-hook-entropy-?-punk band Cellular Chaos) was recently reminiscing on Facebook about his participation in the making of Dark To Themselves, one of the scariest god damned Cecil Taylor records there is. Film footage apparently exists, but the session was done in Yugoslavia before the war in which the country spilt into twenty other countries and no one knows where it is. My theory is that it's probably in the hands of Radovan Karadzic, "the butcher of Bosnia", the war criminal who spent years after the war hidden in plain sight disguised as a new age guru named "Dragan", lecturing on macrobiotics and running an enterprise called "Human Quantum Energy". I welcome alternative speculation.

what makes you think there's a cecil taylor video under this hat?