Tuesday, September 18, 2012

grim celebrity sighting

what it is: grim celebrity sighting
where i found it: 10th street

Yesterday I had a grim and ridiculous celebrity sighting: Little Steven on 10th Street, disgruntled and indignant seeming to be locked out of a building. He had his bottom lip all stuck all grumpy, getting no answer on the buzzer or on his cell phone.  If I knew it was him I don’t think I’d answer the buzzer either.

His depressing leer, gypsy headbands and poor stage moves are a real turn off (unbelievably and thankfully he and Clarence Clemons were in the same band, easier to avoid) and in fact my cousin used to cackle and make me repeatedly watch this well meant, but horrendous video because she was so freaked out by him. 

However, I heard his radio show on a late night drive one time and it was actually good. I don’t know if he still does this show (I think it’s called Late Night Garage), but not only was he playing music that was better than sports talk radio and soft rock (what else was available on the dial), but he gave a long, well informed lecture about Barcelona and the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, who made one of my favorite (and exceptionally Gwar-like) cathedrals, Segrada Familia (see below). Go "Miami" Steve.