Monday, September 10, 2012

happy birthday, newk/collosus

what it is: happy birthday, newk/collosus
where i found it: wkcr

WKCR is good at reminding us about 1) what color socks Charlie Parker wore to a given recording session 2) when it's a jazz musician's birthday. Well, this past weekend was Sonny "Newk" Rollins (82nd)  b-day and I couldn't help browsing some footage. I must warn you that this clip is very sophisticated and sexy (more so than I usually take my jazz) and that the drummer has that kind of fusion-y sound with double bass and shit that is the bane of modern jazz festivals. However, Rollins has a great red v neck sweater tastefully matched with some white slacks and the more you watch him play the more engrossing it gets. I also heard a rumor that after this performance he jumped off the stage and broke his leg. There's probably some more intense footage of him playing with a mohawk on the Williamsburg bridge at 3AM in the 60s or something, but I kind of like this one.