Thursday, September 27, 2012

journalistic integrity

what it is: journalistic integrity
where i found it: the new york post

For those of you readers who don't in live and around NYC you're really missing out not being able to see the New York Post headlines each day. Yesterday's headline with a picture of Achmadenehad (sp?) and the headline "PEACE OF SH!T" [sic] reminded me of how lucky we are to have a paper like this with such wide circulation. The thing that can't be forgotten here is that this is not considered by many to be a tabloid, but a paper that millions of people actually read for their news. It's kind of hard to find some of my old favorites online such as TAL-I-BAM!!! (since become a band name), A-MEN (when the governor of New Jersey resigned/came out as gay/got ordained), COWARDS!!! (congressmen evacuating the capitol in an anthrax scare), etc. But you can scroll through the daily covers here and here's a page with a poll for best Post Cover of the 2000s. If I didn't live in NYC I think I would subscribe.