Tuesday, September 4, 2012

superb, morally corrupt bass player

what it is: superb, morally corrupt bass player
where i found it: the tale has slowly unfolded

I had a little burst of early Zappa, mid-era Beefheart last week and I started wondering what ever happened to the bass player Roy Estrada, always one of my favorites. He's always right on point, no matter what those maniacal, tyrannical band leaders throw at him. Check him out in the below clip. He's the Mexican one (source of endless jokes, which he seemed to be in on) who looks a little like a weightier Mike Patton and has an incredibly high singing voice.


Well, it turns out he's a child molester and just got 25 to life without parole. Oh well.

i cannot find estrada in this photograph. maybe they already knew not to let him near the kiddies.

bonus material:
HERE'S A REAL ROCKIN' CLIP FEATURING A CAPE (though Estrada's more in the background)